Rampant Rhino

The Rampant Rhino tube slide starts off slow but picks up speed as the turns become sharper before spitting you out into the main pool known as Indlovu. 

Great for all ages!

Laughing Hyena

The Laughing Hyena body slide will have you chuckling away as you burst out of the water after a fast paced ride down the steep spiraling turns of this ride!

Cheetahs Challenge

The Cheetahs Challenge will make you think you've been through a washing machine after this narrow slide's sharp corners throw you from side to side all the way down! This body slide is great for kids but perfect for adults too!

Zooming Zebras

These two Kamikaze tube slides are designed for speed!  The big drop combined with the speed of this ride makes it great for those looking for an exciting adrenalin rush!

Boomslang Bungee & Leaping Leopard

On these two Kamikaze body slides, we suggest you hold your breath and cross your legs as you plunge down the steep slopes into the water below.  A need for speed and bags full of fun!


The main pool is known as Indlovu "The Elephant" - here you can relax on a tube or enjoy the sun while you take a break from the slides.


Monkey Pool

The Monkey Pool forms the base for most of the kiddies rides.  It's shallow depth makes it safe for kids, allowing them to have fun and enjoy Mafunyane.

Monkey pool

Happy Hippo

The Happy Hippo body slide will have young kids feeling comfortable enough to take on the big rides in no time at all.  Perfectly paced to introduce kids to what's in store as they get older!

Hippo pool

Squirrel Scurry

The Squirrel Scurry is a short, fun slide where kids can race each other down to the Monkey Pool.


Lazy Lizzard

The Kiddies Lazy River tube will have kids feeling like explorers as they drift from the Monkey Pool at a leisurely pace down to the mail pool.

Monkey pool